Shopping for a new mattress is not less exciting when it comes to a Memory foam mattress. It’s a product that is bound to have a huge impact on your sleep life, and also your health. The impact will either be negative or positive depending on how you research before investing in a new mattress. It’s prudent to conduct a thorough research so that you can find the fit for your needs. There is an array of options available either online or offline.

You can access thousands of mattresses made from different materials at the click of a button. Memory foam mattress is considered to be the best because of how it contours the body when one is sleeping. The mattress molds according to the body structure and returns to its normal form when the pressure exerted on it is removed.
To help you filter through the clutter, we have spent a tremendous amount of time reviewing hundreds of products to answer the question: which memory foam mattress is best?

What is Memory Foam?

Memory Foam is made up of different components with polyurethane being the major constituent. Others are chemicals that are used to increase the viscosity and density. Other terms used to describe memory foam are polyurethane, viscoelastic foam and low-resilience polyurethane foam.

A Quick History of Memory Foam

Despite its popularity in usage as a mattress making material, historically memory foam was not intended to be used in mattresses.

Its original intent was to act as a crash protector for the airline pilots and passengers and also to improve the cushioning of the seats.

However, the customers didn’t take long to notice its level of comfort. Due to this demand, manufactures decided to supply the memory foam mattresses which are known to offer the unique ‘sinking in’ feeling which comes with its unique benefits.

What is Memory Foam

What is the difference between Memory Foam, Innerspring and Latex mattresses?

  • It has an excellent ability to prevent pressure points as opposed to latex mattresses which offers good pressure point relief.
  • It has a weak temperature comfort level as opposed to the latex mattress which has superb control of temperature.
  • Memory foam mattresses have a weak support as opposed to the latex mattresses which offer excellent support.
  • Its motion transfer reduction is quite good as opposed to the latex which has a good motion transfer.
  • Memory foam mattresses have a superior back support compared to innerspring mattresses.
  • Memory foam mattresses prevent the buildup of allergens such as molds, dust mites, dust and mildew.
  • It is quite durable and has a long lifespan. Its density makes it more comfortable when compared to inner springs. In addition, they do not sag, squeak, creak or develop bodily impressions.
  • The latex mattress is available in both natural and synthetic forms.
  • It offers excellent durability as compared to a memory foam mattress whose durability is fair.
  • It helps in reducing off-gassing.
  • It promotes pain relief and is ideal for those who experience back or joint pain.
  • The natural latex mattress is relatively expensive compared to the innerspring mattress.
    • They use a steel coil support system. They have been there since the 1930’s and they have continued gaining popularity since that time.
    • There are a wide range of inner springs which not only offer firmness but also fluffy pillow tops.
    • They are budget friendly as they come in a wide variety.
    • The steel coil support system makes them durable.
    • They may result in squeaking, sagging or creaking.
    • They may lose their comfort level as time progresses.
    • The innerspring mattresses come in different designs which have different coil systems and thus the customer may be confused.
    • They are ideal for overweight people as inner springs will ensure they sleep firmly. This also makes it easy for them to get in and out of bed.

What are the qualities of a good memory foam mattress?

If durability, excellent support, comfort and undisturbed sleep are what you are looking for, then, you must be ready to invest a reasonable amount of money when buying a mattress. This is the case when it comes to a memory foam mattress.
Here is an in-depth look at the qualities of a good memory foam mattress;


Higher density memory foam mattresses not only offer superior support but also last longer. One should however not confuse density with firmness. This is because density determines the durability that should be expected from a memory foam mattress. However, one should keep in mind that each layer of a memory foam mattress features its own density. Therefore, comfort layers in memory foams experience the most tear and wear.


The durability of a memory foam mattress depends on its density. Generally, memory foam products are known to last longer than most polyfoams when it comes to the comfort layers.
On the other hand, you can get materials that last longer than the memory foam mattress such as Latex, Natural fibres and High-quality innersprings.

Thickness and Compression Modulus

The memory foam mattress has a thickness that varies from 6 inches to over 14 inches. It is famous for its unique feel, something which will vary depending on its thickness. However, thicker mattresses are softer than thinner mattresses. It is therefore advisable not to buy anything below 2 inches if you are interested in getting the memory foam experience. Another point to note is that the firmness of the mattress will increase depending on how deep it sinks due to the increase in compression.

How to choose the right density for a memory foam mattress?

One of the factors to consider when choosing a memory foam mattress is the density. The density basically depends on the person. This is why there are various types of mattresses that have different densities and technologies in the market.

The memory foam mattress is available in three types of densities which are low-density and below, medium density 4-5 lbs. and high density 6 +lbs.

Low-density and below

Most memory foam mattresses react to the body temperature. Therefore, when the memory foam warms up, it becomes softer, thus moulding your body’s natural contours. This is why some brands take time to adjust because the cushioning does not spring up when you lie on the mattress.

A low-density mattress not only offers you a nice and softer feeling but it is also cheaper due to the fact that less material is used in them.

Medium density of 4-5 lbs.

They are the most popular as they offer a good mix of a soft and firm ratio. They are also famous because they are budget friendly. However, their stiffness level is lesser than that of the high-density bracket.

You can probably choose the medium density memory foam mattress if you do not have any joint or muscle pain.

With the right amount of investment, you may opt for a high-density bottom layer with a low-density top layer. This kind of mattress will ensure that you have the right softness in addition to making sure that you do not sink in.

High density of 6 + lbs.

A lot of material goes into making a high- density mattress which makes it durable and very expensive. A high-density mattress that has a density of 6lbs. is the only option to be considered for those who have medical conditions such as nasty aches and pains.

Though they are stiff, they generally warm up quickly, meaning that they will shape according to your body. This is the ultimate reason why they are designed to provide ultimate support when it comes to the pressure points found in the body.

How to choose the right density for a memory foam mattress?

When it comes to a Memory Foam Mattress, the word expensive simply means more quality and durability. Expensive memory foam mattresses have several advantages as compared to the cheaper and low-quality models such as a long shelf life of up to 20 years.

They also have a gel which enables you to sleep cool at night in addition to being denser when compared to the cheaper and low-quality models. The expensive memory foam mattresses offer an excellent support in addition to not leaving bodily impressions.

The cheaper memory mattresses which are softer than the expensive ones are however less dense and compress easily. This means that they are less durable.

When it comes to shelf life, the cheaper memory mattress offers you 5 years. It also offers you with a slow sink.

Expensive memory foam mattresses are made in the US and the quality is highly controlled. The brands selling them are certified and they ensure the memory mattresses are non –toxic.
The differences between the expensive and cheaper memory foam mattresses will thus enable you to buy a memory foam mattress that is suited for your preference and budget.

Are there cheap or budget memory foam mattresses?

Though shopping for a memory foam mattress can be tiring, it is important to know the things that need to be considered before buying it. The bed frame size, the thickness and your sleeping position are some of the important things to consider.

If you are a back sleeper, a medium firm mattress may affect your spinal cord and so we advise you to go for either a memory gel foam mattress, traditional memory foam or a latex memory foam mattress.

Side sleepers need a softer mattress which will support their bodies and cushion the pressure points of the hips and shoulders. A latex memory foam mattress or a memory gel foam mattress would, therefore, come in handy.

Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress so as to prevent pressure on the lumbar and thoracic spine. Their ideal pick would be a latex memory foam mattress or a gel foam mattress.

Though memory foam mattresses were quite expensive when they were first introduced due to their various benefits and shelf life, the brands have increased and the prices have now become competitive.

There are various types that memory foam mattresses that are priced below 300 dollars in the market.

What are the different types of memory foam?

The type of furniture that you choose for your bedroom is very important because your bedroom is your hideaway. It is therefore important to ensure that every piece of furniture in that hideaway is not only beautiful and comfortable but also beneficial to you.

Selecting the appropriate mattress is, therefore, a key issue when it comes to furnishing the bedroom.

How do you, therefore, determine the right mattress for you?

Despite the fact that many people buy the memory foam mattress, most of them are not aware of its advantages and disadvantages. In selecting the right mattress, you have to consider this as you will be keeping it for a long time. It may be difficult to select the right mattress but you have to consider your budget, your needs and your partner’s needs. You should be prepared to invest more money if you need a quality bed.

How do I keep cool when using a memory foam mattress?

There are various ways to keep a memory mattress cool such as adding a gel on it, considering the airflow design and using a cool topper.

Adding Gel on it

If your body temperature rises while you sleep, you should add a liquid gel to the memory foam mattress. The gel has several functions such as allowing for extra air circulation which keeps you cool all night. This helps you to sleep comfortably by absorbing movement and it also aids in posture support.

Airflow design

The airflow design cannot be replaced or changed due to the fact that the structure is completely solid. The best you can do is to ensure there is enough space underneath the mattress to enable the air to move freely.

Accumulation of heat occurs when the air gets trapped underneath the mattress and thus one gets uncomfortable. Excess body heat will also soften the memory foam mattress, which will, in turn, lead to more discomfort. It is therefore important to note that the best memory foam mattresses space the boards or wooden ply, thus allowing the free movement of air.

If you cannot replace your beds’ underside, you should consider exchanging it for a model that allows air to flow freely underneath.

Using a cool topper

This is a fantastic and comfortable option for those suffering from sweaty, sleepless nights. A cool topper allows the air to move freely and makes one feel cool by adding a perfect layer of space.

You should consider choosing a cool topper that is made up of either gel foam, natural cotton or down alternative.

Though you may shy away from some of the cool toppers that are expensive, the thought of having lower electrical bills and quality nights will persuade you to make the investment.

How long does a memory foam mattress last?

The lifespan of a memory foam mattress is an important aspect to consider when buying the product as some have a longer lifespan than others. Higher density memory foam mattresses last longer than the low-density ones. They can last for a period of between 8-10 years whereas the low-density ones can last for a period of between 4-6 years.

Though most people prefer the medium density mattress, there are certain things to consider when purchasing it such as its density and how to care for it. This is because the two will have an impact on the lifespan of the mattress. Some of the things that determine the longevity of the mattress also include the density and the core of the mattress. Density enables the mattress to last longer and it will also offer you a perfect feel.

Another aspect that determines the longevity of the memory foam mattress is its support base. The support base rests beneath the mattress and is responsible for supporting your body. A low-quality support base has a reduced longevity as compared to the high-resilience memory foam mattresses which have a core density of around 2.0lbs.

On the other hand, low-resilience memory foam mattresses that have a core density of fewer than 2.0 lbs. break down quickly, compress and get softer as time passes by and thus their longevity is compromised.

My memory foam mattress is sagging, how do I fix it?

Though memory foam mattresses are popular for being comfortable, they can become saggy and this as time passes by. This can also happen to any mattress if you just sleep on it daily without rotating or turning it.

A sagging memory foam mattress can be very uncomfortable for you as it has an uneven surface. Due to the fact that it does not offer the complete body support, it may also lead to muscle and joint pain.

What do you do when faced with this problem?

The good news is that there are several ways to fix this problem such as;

  • Padding the sag with pillows
  • Replacing the plywood or cardboard support
  • Adding a mattress pad or a mattress topper
  • Avoid spilling liquids so as to avoid the sagging in the first place
  • Considering a mattress helper which helps in fixing the sagging problems

How do I clean my memory foam mattress?

It is not easy to clean a memory foam mattress. It is therefore important for you to clean it correctly so as not to ruin its properties.

Therefore, the easiest way to clean a memory foam mattress is by vacuuming it regularly. Vacuuming helps in removing the loose particles on the mattress.

Before vacuuming, you need to remove the Antimicrobial Cotton blend cover that is usually placed over the mattress.

Please note that memory foam mattresses do not take well to liquids and so they have to be sprayed on thinly.

When it comes to stains, mild detergents must be used instead of harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia. A mixture of water and vinegar for cleaning the stains with a sponge can also be used to clean stains instead of a mild detergent.

If a liquid spills on the mattress, it should be placed in the sunlight immediately so as to dry. The mattress also has to be turned from time to time so that it can dry out evenly. In case there is no sunlight, placing some baking soda over the spill will do the trick. If the mattress is slightly damp, you can use a blow dryer to dry it.

Can I use a box spring with a memory foam mattress?

Box springs are not essential for those who own memory foam mattresses. However, you can definitely use a box spring under the memory foam if the bed frame does not have a firm support. Though traditional and uncomfortable mattresses need box springs, the experts advise against it.

Is a memory foam mattress the right choice for you?

You need to first do your research before buying a mattress because this decision will affect you for years to come. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a mattress include the density, comfort, support and your budget among other things.

Though a memory foam mattress is preferred by many it may not be right for certain people. Such people include;

  • Those who sleep on their stomach. The viscoelastic properties of the mattress may interfere with their preferred sleeping position. This is because the body will sink deeper into the mattress as they sleep. This may interfere with their breathing when their faces and the mattress come into contact.
  • This product lacks an innerspring unit and so it could pose a threat to those whose mobility is severely limited. They may encounter problems when trying to move around or getting in and out of bed.
  • The memory foam mattress is also not the best for those who tend to sleep hot. However, there are solutions such as infusions and gel beads or foams that are open-celled.

Who should use a memory foam mattress?

Are you wondering whether you are an excellent candidate for a memory foam mattress?

Well, do you suffer from aches and pains? If so, you may be an ideal candidate for it. This is because the memory foam mattress can provide you with comfort if you sleep on your side or on your back. It also has an excellent level of pressure point reduction.