How to replace water filter on LG refrigerator? Well, this is a question most folks are asking. You are in luck, this easy to follow guide shows you how! This guide covers the LSC27925 and LSC24971 refrigerator models.

When to replace water filter on LG refrigerator

How your filter performs usually depends on how often it is in use and on the quality of your water source. However, a good rule of thumb is that it ought to be replaced within 3 to 6 months, at the most, or as stipulated by the manufacturer.

When you reset the filter indicator on your control panel, it will begin calculating six months from the day you replaced your filter. Continuously change your filter when the counter shows 0.

If ice and water have a funny taste or they have an odor, you may consider changing your filter earlier.

Check the water flow regularly. A lower water flow may mean that your filter is becoming jammed with dirt, and it is time to replace.

As time goes by, you will understand what best serves for you. If you consume lots of water and ice, it is advisable to change your filter every three months.

You have to change the refrigerator water filter when the filter indicator turns on. To turn off the indicator/icon press the Filter button for 3 seconds. Remember to place an order for a replacement LT500P filter before removing your current filter.

Then, just follow the steps below, and you will change your filter with no hassles!

How to replace water filter on LG refrigerator – Step by Step instructions for LSC27925 Model

Step 1

change LG water filter - step 1Turn off your household water supply before removing the filter. Then take out the top shelf and move it to the lowest level.

Step 2

replace water filter on lg refrigerator - step 2Remove the old filter: turn it counterclockwise a quarter turn and pull it down.
Retain the substitute cap for future use.
If you remove the filter without replacing it, make sure you reinstall the substitute cap to stop water leaks from the filter housing.

Step 3

change refrigerator water filterTo install the new filter:
Remove the red cap
Hold the filter with the unlock symbol facing towards you
Insert the filter into the filter receptacle on the right side of the refrigerator compartment

Step 4

change water filterPush the water filter up into the filter receptacle and rotate it clockwise to lock it into place.

Once installed correctly, the lock symbol should be facing you and you should not be able to rotate the filter clockwise anymore.

Step 5

After installing the water filter, replace the shelf to its initial position and turn the household water supply back on.

Dispense 2.5 gallons of water to purge the system, depressing and releasing the dispenser pad in cycles of 30 seconds ON and 60 seconds OFF. Then open the refrigerator door and check the shelf area for water leaks.

Step by Step instructions for LSC24971 Model

Step 1

how to replace water filter on lg refrigerator - step 1Turn the filter to change in counterclockwise direction by 90 degrees.

Pull out the filter to the front side.



Step 2

how to replace water filter on lg refrigerator - step 2Because water collected in the filter may drip, put a bowl slightly larger than the size of the filter underneath the filter when disassembling the filter.

Step 3

how to replace water filter on lg refrigerator - step 4To install the new filter, align the filter on the indicated line on the control box and then push it in.

After checking whether the indicated line and the indicated locking line are aligned, turn the filter in a clockwise direction.



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