Do you love to cook? Are you a vegan? Do you hate chopping vegetables? If yes, then the mandoline slicer is the ideal tool for you.Mandoline Slicer

A mandoline slicer is simply a tool that slices food when you run it over the surface of the blade and most of them consist of an interchangeable blade on a sloped surface.

Though the mandoline slicers make some people nervous due to their slightly medieval look and the potentially dangerous blade, they have several benefits which include speed, safe slicing, consistency and different textures.

Benefits of Mandoline Slicers

Due to the fact that it increases a person’s efficiency in the kitchen, it has plenty of benefits such as


Its speed is perfect when you are either in a hurry or you need to process a lot of vegetables. It is also perfect when you need to slice tough vegetables such as sweet potatoes and butternut squash. It is safe to go fast when you are using a mandoline slicer unlike quick cuts with a knife. This is until you reach the end of the vegetable you are slicing.

Mandoline slicers are known to reduce half the time that is used when preparing food. The best part is that food can be sliced as fast as possible without slicing the fingertips.


Slicing vegetables using a knife may be problematic as you may wind up with several big chunks and thin shavings at the same time. This may create a problem when cooking the vegetables because the thin pieces turn to mush whereas the thicker pieces remain hard in the middle.

The mandoline slicer, on the other hand, offers a solution. This is because when you set the thickness of the blade, all food slices will be of the same size. This makes it perfect for any application where all the foods have to be of the same size other than making the food look more professional


Most mandoline slicers come with interchangeable blades which enable you to either make regular slices, fry shapes or any other shape that you may prefer. You can easily switch out the blade in order to create different styles of foods without having different tools in your kitchen. This gives your food an element of professionalism without using a lot of time.

Safe slicing

Though they are safe to use, you have to be cautious as incorrect use could result in serious injuries. Injuries may occur when you get to the last nub of the vegetable. However, most slicers come with a protective handle which grips the food and protects your fingers from the slicing blade. Always ensure that you use the grip so as to avoid injury.

Safety not only applies when slicing the vegetables but also when it comes to cleaning and storing the slicer. This is because the blade is exposed. So as to avoid injury, affix any protective coverings when the mandoline slicer isn’t being used.

Choosing a mandoline slicer

When it comes to choosing mandoline slicers, you have to consider the Blade shape, Safety Mechanisms and whether it is Dishwasher-Friendly.

(a) Blade Shape

There are three styles of mandoline slicers which include a straight blade, a diagonal blade, and a V-shaped blade.

  •    The Straight Blade

This type of blade is the most traditional and they usually used on the French Mandoline Slicers. The straight blade lies across the platform and creates straight slices when food runs over it. This blade is the most effective when slicing tough vegetables such as sweet potatoes and butternut squash. However, it can present a challenge when it comes to slicing delicate foods such as tomatoes.

  •    The Diagonal Blade

This blade which is set at an angle on the ramp is more effective for the soft-skinned fruits and vegetables like tomatoes. The angle of the blade is important as it allows the food to be cut with less force.

  • The V-Shaped Blade

This type of blade is the most prevalent when it comes to mandoline slicers.  It is ideal for awkwardly shaped fruits and vegetables in addition to allowing even tough vegetables to be pushed through with ease.

  (b) Safety Mechanisms

Safety is important when using mandoline slicers so as to avoid serious injuries. It is therefore important that you look for a mandoline slicer that has a food holder. The food holder helps to ensure that you have a good grip while protecting your hands from the blades. With a food holder, you have the freedom to slice all the way down to the end of the vegetable without worrying about injuring your fingers.

Secondly, it is important to ensure that the mandoline slicer comes with guards on each blade so as to ensure safety when switching the blades.

(c) Dishwasher friendly

Most mandoline slicers can be safely cleaned using the dishwasher but in case you don’t have one, is sure to look for a slicer that’s easy to clean. Also, ensure that the slicer won’t cause any harm to you while cleaning it.

Best Rated Mandoline Slicers.

They include:

1. OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer

This multi-purpose mandoline slicer has a sharp hardened V-Shaped blade made of Stainless Steel, is safe to use, sturdy and also dishwasher friendly.

Its blade easily slices firm and soft vegetables and fruits.  It also has interchangeable blades e.g. the straight, wavy blades and julienne blades and in addition, the entire unit is adjustable.

As mentioned earlier, it is safe because it comes with a food holder whose purpose is to grip fruits and vegetables while protecting fingers. Other than that, its non-slip feet ensures it doesn’t wiggle all over the counter while you’re slicing.


It is affordable, has superior customizability, is a great starter slicer and it is a perfect mix of value and quality.


It may seem difficult to operate for those who have limited strength in their hands such as the elderly and those who have joint issues.

2. The Kitchen Aid Mandoline Slicer

When it comes to food preparation, the kitchen Aid slicer allows for customization. This simply means that you can choose from three separate blades in addition to modifying the thickness of the slice itself. This is an advantage because it can be used with a variety of foods in addition to creating a wide array of dishes.

The kitchen Aid overshadows the rest when it comes to safety. This is because it features a protective food gripper and a retractable blade for safe storage. The features ensure that you do not have to worry about injury when getting your mandoline out of storage. This is a relief to those who have small children or pets.

It comes in a vibrant red color, which looks great when it is placed on the countertop.


The blade used on this slicer is fantastic for those who do a lot of thin slicing. This is because it quickly turns delicate foods into papery-thin slices.


The food holder on the Kitchen Aid slicer has a hard time holding onto foods and thus you have to consider using slicing gloves instead of the holder so as to avoid injury.

3. Cuisinart Graphite Mandoline Slicer

It provides the most options for cutting shapes because it has four separate stainless steel blades.  Its body is also adjustable, and thus you can set the thickness of your fruits and vegetables.

Its design makes it easy and comfortable to use. The grip handle is comfortable to hold, and non-slip feet hold the slicer in place. Even the cutting runway can be adjusted to fit your comfort, locking into upper and lower positions.

The safety of the mandoline has been put into consideration as it includes a cut-resistant glove that should be worn while one is cutting in addition to its safe storage options.

In addition, the safety cover and storage slots prevent injuries from the blades. Other than that, the legs collapse down and so this takes as little space as possible.

It is safe to wash the slicer using the dishwasher and the cut-resistant glove can also be washed using the washing machine.


It saves time when food is being prepared.

Purchasers rave about how much time this tool saves them during food prep. The blades are quite sharp and so they create an even cut.


Though it has a great cutting power, the blades dull very quickly. As a result, the dull blades may cause injury, especially when cutting tougher fruits or vegetables.

5. Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer

This slicer which creates even and consistent pieces quickly works through larger fruits and vegetables. The even pieces cook evenly and taste great.

It is made from BPA-free plastic and has a handcrafted stainless steel Japanese blade. It has a large open handle to ensure comfort in addition to having a non-skid rubber base to ensure stability.

The Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer uses a single fixed straight-edge blade which is best suited for slicing larger foods such as melon. This slicer is ideal for those who cut a lot of larger fruits and vegetables.

In terms of safety, it uses a safety guard which protects fingers during slicing and it is easy to use. This slicer helps save time as it contains an apparatus that hooks onto the bowl so as to collect slices as you go. This apparatus reduces the amount of mess created while preparing food.

It comes apart easily and is dishwasher safe.


It is simple to disassemble and care for. Its blades are sharp, it is light and durable. It is a high-quality product that will last longer in the kitchen regardless of whether it is often used.


The slicer may be difficult to operate because it does not hook to the table and so you will need to hold and slice with one hand.

Easy Slicing With a Mandoline

Do you love eating vegetables and are looking for a safer way to process that food? Then purchasing a mandoline slicer is the ideal thing to do.

Though mandoline slicers look scary, they are safe and efficient when used properly. An ideal mandoline should come with a safety apparatus such as a protective food gripper.

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